Change Maker
Nadeen Nagib Mustafa Borgeha  - Libyan American Organization 

Written by Ashley Sherman

“We represent the social, political, educational, and economical needs of Libyans and the United States, building a bridge between the two countries”. Nadeen Nagib Mustafa Borgeha, representative on the Board of Directors for the Libyan American Organization, describes the initiative as a “great example of how Libyans overseas are trying to serve and help”. The Libyan American Organization gathers the 20,000 Libyan-Americans under one platform with a variety of goals such as the formation of a network, provision of humanitarian assistance, and advocacy for the interests of their community.

Borgeha is a rising senior at the University of St. Thomas, majoring in International Development and minoring in Economics and Finance. She has been involved with a multitude of organizations throughout Houston including the Rice Boniuk Center for Religious Tolerance, Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston, and Libyans for Liberty.  Beginning in September 2011, Borgeha assumed the role of Global Ambassador for Libya through the World Affairs Council of Houston. This position has had Borgeha give presentations regarding the culture, history, and future of Libya to over 1,000 students throughout the Greater Houston area.

Borgeha exudes immense pride for Libya; encouraging her audience to visit the beautiful, newly free country she calls home. After graduate school, Borgeha plans to return to Libya and watch the country develop. She believes the most important future step for Libya is a focus on education, including social adaptation to the new democratic society. “Freedom is actually law, order, and knowing your rights. People need to be able to distinguish that, and Libyans don’t really understand that yet, it’s all so new”. Borgeha demonstrated an interest in pursing politics in Libya, with an aspiration to be elected President of her country, a dream that could one day be reality.